Reforming the International Monetary System
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The emergence of China : Economic impact and implications
for economic policy
Report n° 98, Patrick Artus, Jacques Mistral and Valérie Plagnol, june 2011

Foreign Direct Investment and Business Performance
Report n° 89, Lionel Fontagné and Farid Toubal, 2nd of april 2010

Climate Policy : A New International Architecture
Report n° 87, Jean Tirole, 19th of october 2009

Export Performances by France and Germany
Report n° 81, Lionel Fontagné and Guillaume Gaulier, 31st of December 2008

The Exchange Rate Policy of the Euro
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Globalisation of Intangibles
Report n° 76, Daniel Cohen and Thierry Verdier, 10th of August2008

Gas and Electricity : A Challenge for Europe and for France
Report n° 74, Jean-Marie Chevalier and Jacques Percebois, 22nd of February 2008

Globalization : the assets of France
Report n° 71, Philippe Aghion, Patrick Artus, Daniel Cohen, Élie Cohen, Lionel Fontagné, Thierry Madiès and Thierry Verdier, 30th of August2007
(no English summary available)

Outlook for Agriculture in France and Europe
Report n° 70, Philippe Chalmin, Dominique Bureau, 30th of August2007

Recent Trends in France’s in Foreign trades
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Economic Policy and Growth in Europe
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Desindustrialisation and Relocation
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Reforming the growth and stability pact
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(no English summary available)

Structural Reforms and Coordination in Europe
Report n° 51, Guido Tabellini and Charles Wyplosz, 23rd of November 2004

The European Central Bank
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Global Governance
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European issues
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Industrial policy for Europe
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Best practises in Europe for reducing unemployment
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Agriculture and trade negotiations
Report n° 16, Dominique Bureau and Jean-Christophe Bureau, 02of June1999

Coordination of economic policies in Europe
Report n° 5, Pierre-Alain Muet, Pierre Jacquet, Michel Aglietta, Christian de Boissieu, Dominique Bureau, Philippe Herzog and André Gauron , 8th of April 1998