Major Risks and Public Initiative
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Considerations Concerning the organisation of Health Systems
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Consumer Protection : Bounded Rationality and Regulation
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Promoting France’s Cultural Heritage
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Housing the Middle Classes:Supply, Demand and Equilibrium of the Housing Market in France
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Transport Infrastructure, Mobility and Growth
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Performance, Incentives and Public Sector Management
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Political Economy of the French Constitutional Bylaw on Budget Acts
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The Family, a Public Issue
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Equitable Growth and Fiscal Competition
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Reforming the growth and stability pact
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Structural Reforms and Coordination in Europe
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Urban Segregation and Social Integration
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Sovereign Debt Crises : Working In and Working Out
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Auctions and Government Management
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Regional and Urban Planning
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Industrial policy for Europe
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State and Public Sector Management
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Life long training : a prospective economic analysis
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A Voluntary Gradual Retirement Scheme
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Architecture of Levies in France : Current Situation and Possible Reforms
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Equality between Men and Women : Economic Aspects
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Regulation of the Health Care System
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Taxation and Redistribution
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Social security contributions paid by employers : an economic analysis
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Environmental taxation
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Pensions and Savings
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Poverty and social exclusion
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Public service and public sector
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