Promoting France’s Cultural Heritage
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Patent Markets in the Knowledge Economy
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Foreign Direct Investment and Business Performance
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SME Financing
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Innovation and Competitiveness in the Regions
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Globalisation of Intangibles
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Gas and Electricity : A Challenge for Europe and for France
Report n° 74, Jean-Marie Chevalier and Jacques Percebois, 22nd of February 2008

Outlook for Agriculture in France and Europe
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Transport Infrastructure, Mobility and Growth
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A SME Strategy for France
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Competition Policies
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Desindustrialisation and Relocation
Report n° 55, Lionel Fontagné and Jean-Hervé Lorenzi, 11th of February 2005

Environmental Policies and Competitiveness
Report n° 54, Dominique Bureau and Michel Mougeot, 23rd of December 2004

Funding R&D
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Productivity and Employment in the Tertiary Sector
Report n°49, Pierre Cahuc and Michèle Debonneuil, 10th of August2004

The Information Society
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Accounting Standards and the Regulation of the Financial Information Industry
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Intellectual Property
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Competitiveness of France
Report n° 40, Michèle Debonneuil and Lionel Fontagné, 6th of May2003

UMTS : The Economic Stake : Policy issues for the third generation mobile telephony
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The Oil price
Report n° 32, Joël Maurice, 21st of May2001

Which regulations for trade
Report n° 29, Patrick Rey and Jean Tirole, 21st of November 2000

Economics of the new Economy
Report n° 28, Daniel Cohen and Michèle Debonneuil, 28th of September 2000

From industrial policies to competitiveness policies
Report n° 26, Élie Cohen and Jean-Hervé Lorenzi, 4th of September 2000

Agriculture and trade negotiations
Report n° 16, Dominique Bureau and Jean-Christophe Bureau, 2nd of June1999

Regulation of the Health Care System
Report n° 13, Michel Mougeot, 12th of January 1999

Environmental taxation
Report n° 8, Alain Lipietz, Dominique Bureau and Jean-Charles Hourcade, Olivier Godart and Claude Henry, 24th of July1998