The German Labour Market Changes
Report n° 102, Francis Kramarz, Alexandra Spitz-Oener,
Charlotte Stenfl eben and Hanna Zwiener, 28th of November 2012

Employee mobility
Report n° 90, Mathilde Lemoine and Etienne Wasmer, 30th of June 2010

Reforming Social Legislation : Reconciling Worker Protection with Efficient Economics
Report n° 88, Jacques Barthélémy and Gilbert Cette, 11th of February 2010

Immigration, skills and the labour market
Report n° 84, Gilles Saint-Paul, 26th of June 2009

Minimum Wage and Low Incomes : How Can Social Justice Be Reconciled with Economic Efficiency ?
Report n°79, Pierre Cahuc, Gilbert Cette and André Zylberberg and contribution on the “allowance of solidarity and activity” by Philippe Mongin, 12th of November 2008

Measuring Purchasing Power
Report n°73, Philippe Moati and Robert Rochefort, 31st of January 2008

Working Time, Income and Employment
Report n°68, Patrick Artus, Pierre Cahuc, and André Zylberberg, 30th of August2007

Ageing, Activities and Territories : Looking Ahead to 2030
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Seniors in employment in France
Report n°58, Antoine d’Autume, Jean-Paul Betbèze and Jean-Olivier Hairault, 18th of January 2006
(no English resumé available)

Productivity and Employment in the Tertiary Sector
Report n°49, Pierre Cahuc and Michèle Debonneuil, 10th of August2004

The Institutional Design of Employment Protection
Report n°44, Olivier Blanchard and Jean Tirole, 9th of October 2003

Work for all
Report n°30, Jean Pisani-Ferry, 5th of December 2000
(English summary available at the end of the report)

Best practises in Europe for reducing unemployment
Report n°23, Jean-Paul Fitoussi, Olivier Passet and Jacques Freyssinet, 30th of May2000
(English summary available at the end of the report)

Life long training : a prospective economic analysis
Report n°22, André Gauron, 13th of March 2000
(English summary available at the end of the report)

Part time work in France
Report n°19, Gilbert Cette, 1st of October 1999

Local Employment Initiatives
Report n°12, Gilbert Cette, Pierre Héritier, Dominique Taddei, Michèle Debonneuil and Reza Lahidji, 14th of December 1998
(English summary available at the end of the report)

Social security contributions paid by employers : an economic analysis
Report n°9, Edmond Malinvaud, 30th of September 1998
(English summary available at the end of the report)

Pensions and savings
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Growth and unemployment
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The sharing of value added
Report n°2, Patrick Artus and Daniel Cohen, 15th of January 1998

Reduction in working time
Report n°1, Dominique Taddei, 11th of December 1997