Emmanuelle Auriol

Professor at Toulouse School of Economics (TSE)

Emmanuelle Auriol studied Economics at Toulouse School of Economics (TSE) where she received her PhD in 1992. After spending one year at the University of California at Berkeley as a post‐doc she joined the Economics Department at TSE. She became a full professor in 1996 after succeeding the French national aggregation contest and went to the University of Aix‐Marseille II where she spent two years. Since 1998 she has been a full professor at TSE. Her research interests include industrial organization, regulation, labor economy, and development economics. She relies both on theory and empirical studies to derive policy recommendations on industrial organization issues such as privatization, regulation or markets design. Since in practice policy implementation matters as much as policy design, she also studies incentive in public organizations and government structure. Throughout the years she received several grants and awards for her research, which has been published in top international peer‐reviewed journals, including the American Economic Review, Economic Journal, Journal of Development Economics, Rand Journal of Economics, Journal of Labor Economics, Journal of Public Economics, International Journal of Industrial Organization. She has been the recipient of the bronze medal of the CNRS, she is a member of the Institut Universitaire de France (junior and senior). She is a fellow of the European Economics Association, of the Center for Economic Policy Research, of the European Development Network, and CESifo. She has also been the chair of Women in Economics (WinE) of the EEA and is the editor of several scientific journals. Finally, her research has been featured in stories in the Press (Le Monde, Expansion, The Financial Times,   Die Welt…), on television and radio. She received two prizes for her book "Pour en finir avec les mafias".

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