Council of Economic Analysis

The Conseil d'analyse économique (CAE) carries out, in complete independence, economic analyses for the government and makes them public. It examines questions submitted by the Prime Minister and by the Minister of Economy and Finance, and may undertake on its own initiative the prospective analysis of economic questions that it considers relevant to the conduct of the country's economic policy. It is composed of university economists and recognized researchers.


Placed under the authority of the Prime Minister, the Conseil d'analyse économique's mission is "to enlighten the government's choices in economic matters by comparing points of view and analyses".


The CAE is a pluralist body made up of recognized professional economists of various persuasions. It includes members appointed for their research in economics and correspondents coming from the business sector. They do not receive any remuneration for their participation in the Council. They commit to a charter of ethics to make their different activities more visible. The Director General of the Treasury and the Director General of the INSEE are also ex-officio members.


The Conseil d'analyse économique is chaired by the Prime Minister or, in his absence, by the Minister of Economy and Finance. A President delegate is appointed by the Prime Minister for a five-year term.


The CAE's work program is discussed and agreed upon with the Prime Minister's office, the office of the Minister of the Economy and Finance, and the one of the President of the French Republic. The notes are submitted to the Prime Minister and/or the Minister of the Economy and Finance. The work of the CAE is published under the signature and sole responsibility of its authors: it does not engage the responsibility of the Government, nor that of the economic administrations represented on the Council. A charter for the functioning of the CAE was established in early 2018.


The organization and animation of the work are the responsibility of a permanent team placed under the responsibility of the President delegate and directed by the Secretary General. The Deputy Chairman appoints the members of the Council called upon to prepare or discuss Notes and chairs the meetings in the absence of the Prime Minister.


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