Yann Algan

Dean of the School of Public Affairs and Professor at Sciences Po

Yann Algan is the Dean of the School of Public Affairs and Professor of Economics at Sciences Po. His research focuses on Digital Economy and Public Action 3.0. He also specializes on social capital and well‐ being in relation to individual outcomes and economic behavior, with particular attention to the role of education, employment and institutions. His work incorporates methods from psychology, sociology, and economics, including randomized evaluations of public policies. He is a member of the OECD High Level Expert Group on Well‐Being, and is affiliated with CEPR and IZA and co‐director of the Well‐Being Center at CEPREMAP. His awards include the Best French Young Economist (2009), and his books on trust and French society have been awarded Best French Economics Book and French Essay (2009) and Best French Economics Book, Prix Lycéen (2013). In 2010 he was awarded an ERC Starting Grant for his project “Trust”. In 2015, he received a second ERC grant, a consolidator one, for the project “Sowell” on Social Preferences, Well‐Being, and Policy. He is senior editor of the review Economic Policy.

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